All in one, student, school and learning management system for your institution

Powerful and intuitive school management software
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An all-in-one effective school management system, ideal for Kindergarten to High School management. As a school registration system, it can be useful for pre-registration, student management, class registration, and graduation. School timetable, assessments, school – student relationship, school billing and transportation services – all accessed and managed easily.

The next generation education management software for Universities, Colleges, Vocational Schools or other Higher Education Institutions. A fully configurable and customizable solution for admission management, assessment, learning, billing management, and marketing processes.

The specialized school and learning management software for language or supplementary organizations. Spark-ED’s special editions for music, dance or any other type of academy, is the suitable solution for an end-to-end process management.

The Most Comprehensive School Management System

Course Libraries

Apart from the school’s libraries, Spark-ED provides you the opportunity to create and manage your course libraries. Enrich your courses with accompanying books and create course delivery planning based on book structures that will engage your students and motivate...

Smart Search

To save users’ time and energy concerning searching for information, the Spark-ED team developed smart search tools. If you record LCC and DCC categorization and ISBN10, ISBN13 support, you can get information retrieval automatically, via integration. As a...

Books Recording

Use Spark-ED's advanced library tools to record your books. The system supports book entries, with detailed structure and chapters, management of book sizes with actual dimensions accompanied with information about the authors, the editors or other book contributors....

Lending Physical Libraries

Spark-ED can support the services provided by your library via its barcode management solution. The use of barcodes will allow you to easily deal with borrow and return of books by students, teachers, parents, and employees, while you can also store the data related...

SMS Notification

To ensure student security, Spark-ED transportation, system provides you with the SMS notification feature. Hence, once the bus approaches the student's defined pick-up and drop-off points, the parents or the declared guardian are informed via an SMS message.

Daily Changes

The daily bus schedule can be easily modified, as the system allows you to deal with possible exceptions from the daily schedule, either per student or per group of students. For instance, the exceptions might concern the non-use of the bus for a particular day or...

Bus Management

Spark-ED’s bus management system is designed to simplify the management of your bus fleet, routes, and student transportation. Seating strategy will reduce the time needed to board your students, ensuring that there will be no delays to the bus schedule. Moreover, the...

Transportation Set-Up

Use Spark-ED to create a list of available buses, set the bus zones and routes that are convenient to your needs and monitor the type and cost of fuels. Thus, you can have an overview of your transportation service costs at any time. Additionally, create and keep...

Forecast & Expenditures

Spark-ED can help you plan and manage your budget and finances. Monitor your revenue and view student’s general ledger accounts to estimate your progress in profit. Moreover, students’ general ledger accounts and accounting balance sheets can provide you with the...

Payments Overview & Overdue

At the opening of the academic year, all financial agreements can be registered in Spark-ED in advance, creating a detailed financial forecast to follow up. This will help your accounting department to get an overview of all planned payments per month and service....

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