Spark-ED for Higher Education

Develop complex curriculum structures and advanced studies programs. Provide advanced portal administration and enable students to apply or register online for courses or elective courses of individual choice.

Prepare entrance examinations, support online assignments management, planning and exam retake, transcript management, graduation rules, monitor drop off, control and reduce absenteeism and more features. Tuition fees and billing, service charges, accommodation management, student RFID cards are also features supported by Spark-ED management system.

The software also provides you the opportunity for postgraduate programs management, alumni monitoring, traineeships support and thesis management. Use Spark-ED internal Learning Management system or extend the platform via integrating Moodle, MS Office365 and/or Google Classroom.

Furthermore, Spark-ED promotes campus social networking and communication via a secured portal dashboard for students and educators, while it also offers statistical and BI tools.

Stay Organized

Organize whole school from one dashboard.

Stay Connected

Parents, Students, Staff, Admin, Suppliers and Government communications through single platform.

Move Into the Future

Continuous updates keep your school on growth path.

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