Spark-ED for Academies

Spark-ED is a flexible management software, making it a valuable tool to handle the complexity of supplementary education, training centers, language, music or dance schools. It provides a flexible structure for studies, independent course selection and multiple program studies per student, combined with other functions provided to any academy.

Online student registration system and academic CRM that will improve your academy’s profile. Use Spark-ED for student billing and payments monitoring. Establish strong and effective communication with applicants, students, and parents, using Spark-ED’s mailing and SMS mechanism, provide news or announcements. Check Spark-ED to find out all the features that you need and more that will help you build and grow a successful academy.

Stay Organized

Organize whole school from one dashboard.

Stay Connected

Parents, Students, Staff, Admin, Suppliers and Government communications through single platform.

Move Into the Future

Continuous updates keep your school on growth path.

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