Spark-ED enables you to set up central management of institutes or academies, while each institute can have its dynamically defined terminology and structure.

School registration management can be a time-consuming and complex task. However, using Spark-ED will allow you to handle school registration and student enrollment easily and effectively to several educational programs and curriculums. Additionally, with Spark-ED, you can easily manage your student’s multiple and complex registrations, while you can maintain student status.

In an effort to improve your daily life, Spark-ED development team has designed a detailed card for the different categories of students, teachers, parents, employees or other contacts. Store all the needed information within this detailed card, from personal and academic data, to behavior, certificates or medical information.

Another important aspect is that Spark-ED offers advanced curriculum tools. Thus, curriculum development will not only become an easy process, but it will also meet the individualized student’s needs. Moreover, Spark-ED offers you the possibility for effective management of extra-curricular activities, such as afternoon courses or sports activities that your school might offer.

Spark-ED has an advanced group management tool, that allows students to be enrolled to multiple groups and attend one or more subjects. Tools for mass group subject enrollment are also provided.

Timetable management is another important feature of Spark-ED. The tool supports multiple timetables creation per teacher and group or per classroom and group. Moreover, via Spark-ED timetable management feature, you will be able to manage your time and schedule effectively, check classroom availability and constrains, while students, parents and teachers can easily check and download their weekly timetable.

Spark-ED is a valuable tool offering the possibility to manage multiple academic periods and make year-to-year transfers, while you can automatically assign students to the correct location, level, grade or year.

What is more, Spark-ED can serve as a document management system, allowing you to maintain document libraries associated with students, teachers, groups, courses, activities, and other features included in the software.

Use Spark-ED to gather all your contacts including employees, suppliers, external companies and other academies, institutions or any other type of contact.

Enjoy the full functionality of Spark-ED, as the software is integrated with Moodle LMS and Office365 and google classroom.

In addition, Spark-ED’s BI tools will allow you to track your school’s progress. Moreover, Spark-ED offers an Open Web API for common operations for 3rd parties’ integration.

Customize your reports, lists and layouts to meet your needs and requirements. Create your reports via the Report Builder tool and export them massively.

Furthermore, Spark-ED’s template manager will allow you to customize all the communication sent to end users such as students, parents, and teachers.

Stay Organized

Organize whole school from one dashboard.

Stay Connected

Parents, Students, Staff, Admin, Suppliers and Government communications through single platform.

Move Into the Future

Continuous updates keep your school on growth path.

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