Improve the quality of your financial solutions to serve your clients better using Spark-ED payment and accounting management system. Get a full overview of your payment plan during the academic year and manage your payments using a flexible and user-friendly system. All financial arrangements and installment plans developed in Spark-ED can be associated with a corresponding financial commitment. Developing a pricing strategy can be a challenging task. Use Spark-ED to set up your pricing policies and strategies and calculate your clients’ bill accurately. Additionally, automate the billing process to inform your clients about their payments through alerts via SMS and email.

The platform is integrated with external payment gateways, providing customers the ability to pay online easily. Nevertheless, if you customers use alternative payment methods such as wire transfer, you can upload the bank exported electronic files with all payments, and import them automatically to Spark-ED. Spark-ED supports the effective management of payers with comprehensive contact data of each person responsible for financial agreements. Besides that, you can manage debtors with automated informative emails and handle taxes, VAT or other administrative fees. Spark-ED provides you with management tools for financial and billing of private courses, hourly paid courses, extra-curriculum events, clubs or services.

All financial agreements can be registered in Spark-ED, creating a detailed financial forecast to follow up. This will help you get an overview of the payments, estimate the expected monthly payments and identify easily the delayed. The system is integrated with the CRM module allowing the mass creation of CRM actions or registration of remarks. Moreover, automated SMS or email to overdue payers can be sent via Spark-ED Manager. Furthermore, Spark-ED can help you plan and manage your budget and finances. Monitor your revenue and view student’s general ledger accounts to estimate your progress in profit. The system allows you to quickly and simply manage your school’s expenses and forecast financial profits per student, teacher, class or school or even per campus.

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Organize whole school from one dashboard.

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Parents, Students, Staff, Admin, Suppliers and Government communications through single platform.

Move Into the Future

Continuous updates keep your school on growth path.

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