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All about Fee Allocations

No matter how your institute fee structure is, Spark-ED fits everywhere. The most flexible fee structure powers you to define your institute fee easily.

To begin with fee allocation, navigate to Finance -> Fee Allocation. Make sure you have defined “Fee Groups“, “Fee Heads“, “Fee Concession” & “Transport Fee“. 

Permission: This module contains four permissions.

List Fee AllocationAnyone with this permission can list all the fee allocation
Create Fee AllocationAnyone with this permission can create a fee allocation
Edit Fee AllocationAnyone with this permission can edit fee allocation, you cannot edit fee allocation once the student is assigned with fee
Delete Fee AllocationAnyone with this permission can delete fee allocation, you cannot delete fee allocation once the student is assigned with fee

To assign or change permission, visit <your_url>/configuration/permission

Below is the screenshot of the transport fee module listing all the transport fees:

All the fee allocations listed above are defined at course level, if it was defined at batch level, you would have seen batch name along with course name. The second column shows the number of installations each fee group has. For example, School Fee has 2 installments, Mess Fee and Book & Uniform Fee has single installments.

The actions button in each row has some buttons to view & edit the fee allocation. The “lock” icon before view button shows that the fee allocation is already assigned to the student hence it is no longer available to edit or delete. If it was not assigned to any student, you could have edit or delete the fee allocation.

The header contains filter & sort button and also provides you features to print or generate PDF of fee allocation.

To add new fee allocation, click on the “Add New Fee Allocation” button available in the header menu. Below attached image is screenshot of fee allocation form:

The first thing you have to select is a batch for which you want to define fee allocation. If you choose to turn on “Is Course Fee”, the fee allocation will be defined for entire batches of the course and in this way you need not to replicate the fee allocation for all other batches.

Once you choose the batch, you get the fee groups listed with one installment each. You may remove a fee group if that group is not applicable for fee allocation for selected batch or course, but the at-least one fee group should have at-least one installment to store the fee allocation.

Each fee group contains a button to add more installments. Each installment contains a title, due date, multiple fee heads and late fee options. Below is the description of each field.

Fee Installment TitleIt should be unique to each fee group for example “First Installment” or “July 2018” or “First Term Fee” etc
Fee Installment Due DateIt should be greater than previous due date and should less than session end date
Fee HeadsIt should be integer and min allowed amount is 0, The checkbox after each fee head provides you option to make fee optional. If set optional, you can set at student level to specify which student this fee will be charged and which student will need not to pay this fee head.
Transport FeeOnly available in the fee group which has the transport option enabled. You can choose the transport fee name available in the drop down list
Late Fee ApplicabilityIf turned on, you need to provide additional details like frequency of late fee & late fee charge

You can add any number of fee installments your institute has and then click on the save button to store the fee allocation.

You will be able to edit or delete this fee allocation, as long as this fee allocation is not assigned to a student.

If you have any query, please raise a ticket at our support portal.

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