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Backup module

Backup module is used to schedule daily backups, download backup. Never lose your database now. This feature can be accessed through Utilities-> Backup. 

To begin working with Backup feature, you need to first go to Configuration -> System Configuration. Here, you should have to switch on or off Backup feature. Please take a look on below given screen shot.

You can dump your database in gzip sql format with this backup utility. You can use generate backup button to create the backup of database. You can also activate the functionality of delete previous backup by turning on it. Please take a look on below given screen shot.

In the top right side, there are options to: 

•    Sort By – This allows you to sort the in ascending or descending order by supported columns.

In every row, there are options to download and delete the Backup. 

In the bottom right, there is option to set pagination i.e. number of records per page.

 If you face any issue, please raise a ticket at our support portal.

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