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Employee list

The employee list module is used to keep all department-wise records of each and every employee of the institute. This feature can be accessed under the employee module.  To begin working with this module, you need to first go to Configuration -> Module Configuration -> Employee Configuration. Here, you have to configure various details as given below

  • Basic employee configuration– Basic employee configuration like “Employee Code Prefix”, “No of the digit in Employee Code” etc.
  • Employee Category– Categorize employees into multiple categories for example “Teaching Staff”, “Faculties”, “Non-Teaching Staff”, “Hostel Staff”, “Cleaning Staff” etc.
  • Designation– Assign designation (post) to your employees, and create a hierarchy of designations. Let Principal manages teacher profile and Teachers manage their subordinates.
  • Department– Create & manage multiple departments based on subjects like the “IT Department”, “Science Department” etc.
  • Employee Group– Create and manage groups like “Employees provided Residence”, “Employees w/o Transportation” etc, assign multiple groups to employees.
  • Employee Document Type– Define document types to specify an employee’s document such as – “Salary Certificate”, “Marksheet”, “Certificates” etc. while uploading

Permission: This module contains four permissions.

List Employee listAnyone with this permission can list all the employee list
Create Employee listAnyone with this permission can create an employee list
Edit Employee listAnyone with this permission can edit employee list

To assign or change permission, visit <your_url>/configuration/permission

Below is the screenshot of the employee list module listing employees’ details. This module is saved information in terms of Code, Name, Status, Father Name, Date of Birth, Contact Number, Department, Designation and Date of Joining.

In the top right side, there are options to:

  • Add new employee – Here you can open a form to add employee details and assign him a department. 
  • Filter – This allows you to filter with First Name, Last Name, Father’s Name, Designation and Department, Employee Group, etc.
  • Sort By – This allows you to sort the record in ascending or descending order by supported columns
  • More Option – This allows you to take a print out of employee lists or to download a list of employees in the form of pdf or excel

In the bottom left, there is an option to navigate to the next and previous pages. In the bottom right, there is an option to set pagination i.e. number of records per page.

In every row, there are options to view the detailed profile of each employee.

Above is the screenshot of form to create employee profile details for a list of employees, where you need to enter the desired input. Once you complete all the details, you can click on the save button to store the employee list. 

There is no such feature for deleting employees. This is intentional, once employee is added to the application, it cannot be deleted anymore. There are a lot of records linked with the employee records, deleting employee may affect their relational data. The application behaves like a paper/register where once written it cannot be erased.

But you can always terminate an employee by navigating to “Termination” and put the date. Once terminated, the employee will not be able to log in.

If you face any issue, please raise a ticket at our support portal.

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