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Transport Routes & Fee

With Spark-ED, you can manage the transport fee easily. Transport fee is defined at academic session level i.e. each academic session you need to define transport fee. You can have any number of transport fee in each academic session say “Transport fee applicable from Sep 1, 2018”, “Transport fee applicable from Nov 1, 2018”, “Transport fee applicable from Mar 1, 2019” etc. Transport fee name should be unique to every academic session.

Permission: This module contains four permissions.

List Transport FeeAnyone with this permission can list all the transport fee
Create Transport FeeAnyone with this permission can create a transport fee
Edit Transport FeeAnyone with this permission can edit transport fee
Delete Transport FeeAnyone with this permission can delete transport fee

To assign or change permission, visit <your_url>/configuration/permission

Below is the screenshot of the transport fee module listing all the transport fees:

In the top right side, there are options to:

  • Add new transport fee – This will open a form to add transport fee details
  • Filter – This will open filter panel to filter record as per your need
  • Sort By – This allows you to sort the record in ascending or descending order by supported columns
  • More Option – This allows you to take print out of transport fees or to download list of transport fees

In the bottom left, there is option to navigate to next and previous pages. In the bottom right, there is option to set pagination i.e. number of record per page.

In every row, there are options to edit transport fee & delete transport fee.

Above is the screenshot of form to create transport fee, where you need to enter desired input. Before creating transport fee, you need to define transport circles in the selected academic session. Transport circles are the distances for which you can define fee for example “0-5 Km”, “6-10 Km” or “from London City”, “from Street Park Avenue” etc. You can add any number of transport circle. Once you complete all the details, you can click on save button to store the transport fee.

If you face any issue, please raise a ticket at our support portal.

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