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SMS module

SMS module is used to send SMS to different audience i.e. everyone, selected course student, selected batch student, selected department employees, selected category employees and individual student or employee. This feature can be accessed through Communication-> SMS.

Permission : This module contains one permission.

Send SMSAnyone with this permission can Send SMS

To assign or change permission, visit <your_url>/configuration/permission.

To begin working with SMS feature, you need to first go to Configuration -> SMS. Here, you should have to fill the details as per your SMS gateway. Please take a look on below given screen shot.

Note: For the better understanding of SMS configuration, please visit our support portal to read about SMS configuration.

Above is the screenshot to send new SMS, where you need to enter desired details like subject, type of audience or individual student or employee, SMS content (body text), include or exclude list. Once you complete all the details, you can click on submit button to send the SMS to the selected audience.  

If you face any issue, please raise a ticket at our support portal.

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