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The complaint module is used to record all complaint records coming to the reception. This feature can be accessed under the reception module. To begin working with the complaint module, you need to first go to Configuration -> Module Configuration -> Reception Configuration and define “Complaint Type“. Once you defined, you may now be able to record complaints.

Permission: This module contains four permissions.

List ComplaintAnyone with this permission can list all the complaint
Create a ComplaintAnyone with this permission can create a complaint
Edit ComplaintAnyone with this permission can edit complaint
Delete ComplaintAnyone with this permission can delete the complaint

To assign or change permission, visit <your_url>/configuration/permission

Below is the screenshot of the complaint module listing complaint details. This module is saved information in terms of complaint type, Date of Complaint, Complainant, Date of Resolution, Assign to and Entry by.

In the top right side, there are options to:

  • Add a new complaint – This will open a form to add complaint details.
  • Filter – This allows you to filter the details with complaint type and date between.
  • Sort By – This allows you to sort the record in ascending or descending order by supported columns
  • More Option – This allows you to take a print out of complaints or to download a list of complaints

In the bottom left, there is an option to navigate to the next and previous pages. In the bottom right, there is an option to set pagination i.e. number of records per page.

In every row, there are options to view edit complaints & delete complaints.

Above is the screenshot of form to create complaint, where you need to enter desired and attached proof of document. Once you complete all the details, you can click on save button to store the complaint.

If you face any issue, please raise a ticket at our support portal.

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