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The promotion module is used to promote a batch/class from present academic sessions to the next academic session. This feature can be accessed under the Student module. 

Permission: This module contains only one permission.

Promote StudentAnyone with this permission can promote a student

To assign or change permission, visit <your_url>/configuration/permission

First, you have to create a new academic session from a certain start date to the end date.

Once, you have created an academic session then you can import the baseline data of the academic and finance module of a selected academic session. Below is the screenshot of import data from an academic session

In this module, this allows you to filter the details of a student or students of a batch. Below is the screenshot of the import data of awaiting promotion students.

Once you select the students, then you can promote them in the next academic session. Before the promotion, you should assign the fees of such respective batch.

If you face any issue, please raise a ticket at our support portal.

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